Easy Assist

Turn off your gas supply at the touch of a button

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Easy Assist

Customer Vulnerability Award Winner at The Energy Innovation Awards 2022.

Oxford Gas Products was formed to make innovative products for the gas industry, specifically around safety and inclusivity.​

It is estimated that several million customers in the UK would be unable to turn off their gas supply in the event of an emergency. The industry needed a solution that made turning off the gas as simple as possible.

Easy Assist

In the process of research we discovered that over half of the UK’s gas customers don’t know how to turn off their gas supply, so this product could help these people too. OPD also identified an opportunity to include a thermal fuse in the design so if high temperatures are detected the gas would be automatically shut off.

OPD’s patented mechanical design ensures gas valves are shut off reliably using a clockwork mechanism that is simple to retro-fit to existing valves and is operated at the touch of a button.

OPD also set up the supply chain, supervised all the regulatory testing and the handover to manufacture.