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Delivering high performance and high specification products.

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Industrial + Scientific

Safety Critical - OPD have decades of experience of developing products that meet the stringent performance requirements demanded by industrial applications.

We can help you tackle the complexities of delivering innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions that meet your requirements while also exceeding customer expectations.

With a focus on performance, integration, compliance and future-readiness we are equipped to help you meet your next development challenge.

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Industrial + Scientific

Hazardous Environments - ATEX certified products require meticulous attention to detail and adherence to strict safety regulations.

OPD are experienced in developing products that meet ATEX standards to deliver reliable and safe solutions that can be used in explosive atmospheres.

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Our Work

Industrial + Scientific

Design for Manufacture - Optimising the design to ensure it can be efficiently and cost-effectively produced without compromising style or functionality is key to our design process.

DFM is incorporated into our design process from the concept stage and our skilled simulation techniques and tools mean that we can continually iterate and improve the design using complex computer simulation tools.

Rigs, jigs and fixtures are a crucial part of the manufacturing and production process, OPD’s innovative design techniques and expertise in engineering and manufacturing means that we can help you optimize productivity, improve quality and streamline your manufacturing processes.

We can guide you through the verification and validation process, to make sure your product meets the necessary certifications or approvals required.

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