Developing innovative solutions for the medical industry.

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Our approach – Strategic planning up front ensures that your device will meet its intended application and requirements and a well developed strategy from the outset means we can adapt or flex it to allow for adjustments as new information arises or circumstances change.

Working in development sprints to achieve core project milestones means that we remain agile while also de-risking your project development.

Design and development phases include technology integration, user-centered design, user interfaces, controls, stability and robustness, to make sure that your product is as well considered as possible.

All of our medical product development is designed for manufacturability and to pass the relevant testing and regulatory requirements.


Industry Expertise – At OPD we have a deep understanding of the medical device industry, relevant regulations, and compliance requirements such as FDA approval, CE marking and ISO 13485.

Our strong track record of device development means that we understand the challenges in bringing a medical product to market and the level of risk management required to achieve this. Our on-site lab is well equipped and our team have considerable expertise in the development of medical devices, including microfluidic chip platforms, wearable technologies and optical equipment.

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