Start-ups + Spinouts

Supporting start-ups, spin outs and scale-ups.

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Start-ups + Spinouts

Are you just getting started and need full strategic support?
Is your business scaling up and not have yet recruited a design team?
Would you benefit from a flexible approach?

At OPD we support businesses both when they are developing their strategy and seeking investment and also when they have investment and are starting their development. We adapt and are fully flexible to suit whatever challenge you are facing.

Start-ups + Spinouts

Strategic Input – We can bring fresh ideas, insights and perspectives to help shape your strategic direction. Our decades of experience in similar or related sectors will help develop your strategy and give you new perspectives.
Infrastructure Building – Building an experienced team is costly and takes time. We can support you while you build your own in-house team or support you with specialist skills to bolster your existing capabilities
Investment Rounds – If you’re looking to get funding we can support your bid with strategic input, critical thinking, visualisations, and prototyping to communicate your vision with your intended audience.
MVP/Sprints – By developing minimum viable products and working in sprints, we can help you bring your concept to market in the most efficient way.
OPD Led Development – If you don’t want to build a design team, we can work closely with you both on and off site to provide you with all the skills you need from your own OPD dedicated project development team.

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