Sealant and adhesive dispensing

Controlled dispensing for professionals working in restricted spaces


  • Design engineering
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Software development
  • Functional prototyping
  • Concept generation
  • Electronic component design


  • industrial

OPD had worked with Medmix previously to imagine the next generation of products. This project brought the vision to life with a rapid development and launch of the first product in the line - a professional cordless sealant and adhesive dispenser for its Cox brand.

the challenge

In a market not known for innovation, increase the brand's perception for making cutting-edge products. Enable the next level of sealant and adhesive finish and productivity - from professional level, to elite.

Breakthrough design.

The key to the success of this project was understanding the needs of professional users. They demand a tool that is lightweight, yet robust and reliable, that allows them to work accurately, at speed, often in confined spaces.

Our work included extensive human factors exploration to get the form-factor and related ergonomics optimised for user comfort and longer, fatigue-free working.

The breakthrough was in the realisation and integration of a spring to push the sealant, rather than a traditional metal rod. This avoids the excessive length of a rod protruding from the back of the dispenser - thus reducing its size and enabling access to smaller, difficult to reach spaces. The lack of a compressed air line, often used in factory environments, means the tool is truly cordless.

The industrial design included the major external componentry, incorporating a new aesthetic centred around the new use case. We also developed the contained electronics and embedded software.

Rigourous mechanical engineering, including simulation and force calculations, ensured the mechanism operated as intended.

Protoypes were made to ensure manufacturing and production is smooth and efficient.

the results
Unique features. Approvals obtained.

The novel rod-less electric dispenser features flexible rod technology that allows a more compact design.The interchangeable cartridge barrel system allows for easy use of both standard sachets and cartridges.

Other features bringing user benefits include: a hot-swappable battery, an LCD screen that instantly shows the battery status and dispensing levels, a forward-facing task light to illuminate dark work areas, a variable speed trigger for optimum controlled dispensing, and an anti-drip control toggle to reduce material overrun. Crucially, CE, REACH and RoHS tool component approvals were all obtained.

4 months
from concept to launch
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