Fusion Flow - a hybrid product design approach for the best of all worlds


Which Product Design methodology should you choose for your next development?

In the ever-evolving landscape of product design, finding the perfect methodology can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s why we’ve developed our own Fusion-Flow methodology - a hybrid approach that blends (or fuses) the benefits of design thinking, lean product development, agile product development, and systems engineering while minimizing their drawbacks. We find that this approach maintains the momentum (or flow) in the process while still keeping an eye on costs, timeframes and risk management. Let’s explore the key elements of this flexible, user-centric, and efficient methodology.

Start with Empathy and User Focus (Design Thinking):

Like design thinking, Fusion-Flow begins with a human centered approach, understanding the user's needs, desires, and pain points. We conduct user research, undertake interviews and use observations to gather valuable insights. This empathetic focus makes sure that the product is addressing real problems and that the user experience is central to the overall approach. This clear focus on end-users helps develop products that stand out in the market and are designed with the user in mind.

Embrace Rapid Prototyping and Iteration (Lean & Agile):

Borrowing from both lean and agile methodologies, Fusion-Flow encourages rapid prototyping and iteration. Rapid prototyping and iteration allows for testing and change to happen quickly and efficiently.

In-house rapid prototyping facilities lets us prototype overnight, ready for another round of design iterations the next day. It also allows us to incorporate valuable user feedback and adopt a ‘fail fast’ approach. Creating minimum viable products early on (MVPs) gives us the opportunity to incorporate continuous improvement, reduce waste and enhance the overall value proposition of the product.

Project Sprints using Flexible and Adaptive Planning (Agile):

Fusion-Flow adopts the agile approach to planning, with a focus on flexibility and adaptability. We’ve found over the past few years that an ability to adapt and respond quickly to whatever is happening has been crucial in making sure we don’t lose valuable development progress on any of our projects.

Breaking the project into management sprints and adjusting plans as needed based on new information, user feedback, or changes in the market ensures that the product remains relevant and on target throughout the development process.

Maintain a Holistic View (Systems Engineering):

Our engineering team incorporate the ‘big picture’ approach of systems engineering' by considering all aspects of the product, including its components, subsystems, and interdependencies. Making sure that all aspects of the design have been covered helps ensure seamless integration and functionality, thus minimizing potential issues during the product's life cycle.

Balance Innovation and Efficiency:

Striking a balance between innovation and efficiency, Fusion-Flow encourages creative problem-solving while maintaining a focus on delivering a viable, high-quality product. By incorporating the best practices from multiple methodologies, this hybrid approach enables teams to innovate without losing sight of the end goal.


Fusion-Flow combines the strengths of various product design methodologies while mitigating their weaknesses, creating a versatile and effective approach to product development. By blending empathy, rapid prototyping, flexible planning, and a holistic view, this hybrid methodology empowers teams to create innovative, user-centric products that stand out in today's competitive market. Embrace the Fusion-Flow approach and unlock the full potential of your product design process!