Recruitment agency policy



We respect and appreciate the value that can be provided by good recruitment specialists.

When our company needs to use the services of recruitment agencies to fill vacancies for permanent or contract roles, we work only with companies with whom we have established a long term contractual relationship based on prior supplier selection and approval. For this reason, we do not accept any unsolicited approaches by other recruitment agencies.

If CVs of prospective candidates are sent to us that we have not requested, we will not accept or consider ourselves to be bound by any Terms and Conditions that accompany them. Moreover, if we are able to identify and contact such candidates using the information provided, or by other means, the company shall consider itself free to approach them directly and, if suitable, to ultimately appoint them with no fees payable to the agency that provided the unsolicited details.

We understand that recruitment agencies may wish to be considered for inclusion on the company’s Preferred Supplier List. Once again, we do not accept speculative approaches for such purposes. Consideration for inclusion shall be strictly by invitation only.