Adjustable eye wear

Changing the face of prescription eyewear


  • Design engineering
  • Simulation and analysis
  • Ergonomic design
  • Aesthetic refinement
  • Innovation workshops
  • Optical integration
  • Concept generation


  • consumer
  • medical

Adlens had some existing IP around sliding alvarez lens technology that they wanted to repurpose into a new range of eyewear.

the challenge

The brief was to design a patented way of mounting the lenses using custom mushroom head fasteners and small neodymium magnets that allows the lenses to be slid into 3 different positions.

The challenge was also to work out how to mount lenses on a rimless design that can slide into near, far and medium depth positions using a standard lens edging machine.


OPD designed the lenses and fixtures, fittings and accessories for these glasses.

We designed the system that took the two lenses of a prescription mount into an edging machine that machined the profile of the glasses. We then developed the system that mounts the two lenses together and also allows for the arms and other fittings to be attached.

Finally we created a 3 magnet system that allowed the lens to be captive in 3 positions.

the results

The magnet system became patented as a result of the novel design used. The assembly was able to use custom components that allowed for all 3 lens positions, but that could also be disassembled for cleaning.

The result was a tactile and low cost patented solution that was intuitive and easy to use.

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