Affordable paper shredders

Creating a premium feel at an entry level price point


  • Ergonomic design
  • Aesthetic refinement
  • Aesthetic models


  • consumer

Rexel Secure is an entry level range of personal home document shredders.

They use a traditional 'lift off head' form factor with bold asymmetric styling details to stand out from competitors on small catalogue images and online retail platforms, where sales in this market dominate, while retaining the Rexel brand identity from the premium Momentum range.

the challenge

OPD were tasked with developing the industrial design for a low-cost range of home-use shredders to sit within the same brand language of the higher-end Rexel shredder ranges, providing the same premium feel at the entry level price point.


Using asymmetrical styling features give the machines an approachable, almost playful character and provides a unique visual direction designed to appeal to home users rather than the more professional premium shredder ranges.

The moulded texture changes and silver paint finishes contrast boldly with the matt black shoulders and bins while highlighting the prominent front Rexel logo on a catalogue image.

Integrated handle recesses in the side of the head offer ease of use, along with a simple slide switch interface on lowest cost models with touch buttons for the more premium models. The inline SL model is designed to sit under a desk discreetly as a space saving solution for home use.

the results
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