All field eyewear

Turning a dial to switch between near and far field focus


  • Quality assurance
  • Design engineering
  • Project management
  • Hardware optimisation
  • Process design
  • Manufacturing support
  • Batch production and assembly
  • Optical integration
  • User experience (UX) analysis
  • Functional prototyping
  • Concept generation
  • Electronic component design


  • consumer



Adlens developed a concept of a fluid filled lens technology that could have variable optical settings, enabling users to move between near and far field vision by twisting a dial.

the challenge

Adlens came to OPD to help characterize the performance and reliability of the system in order to select the right membrane and fluid for the lens filling.


We developed a design and manufacture the production equipment required to produce the design in high volume. This encompassed a filling fixture which filled the lens with optical fluid to the correct level and then sealed it. This all took place within a vacuum chamber in order to de-gas the fluid.

Another fixture was designed that aligned the lens stack so that this could be set in position. Finally a quality control fixture was developed that could scan the lenses and calculate the optical properties.

the results

The fixtures resulted in successful commissioning of production equipment within a clean room facility. This meant that the glasses could be manufactured in volume upon launch and meet the required demands.

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