App UX and UI design

App design to improve the consumer recycling experience


  • Ergonomic design
  • Interface design
  • User experience (UX) analysis


  • consumer

Recyculate is an OPD developed app designed to improve the recycling experience for consumers through use of image recognition software that can automatically recognise symbols and products and inform the user of how best to dispose of an item.

the challenge

There is a lot of confusion about which bin is appropriate for much of your waste. Should it be washed? composted? is it recyclable? do I have to take it to my local supermarket?

The challenge was to create an app that let you take a picture of the object, and using google AI vision that is able to identify the product, the material and how it should be dealt with at the end of its useful life.


Extensive storyboards were created to establish multiple potential use cases of the software which helped inform the development of the features required and the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Wireframe models were created to demonstrate the workflow through various tasks within the app. Wireframing is used in this way to create menu structures and ensure the efficient usability of the app interface so that the interface is as intuitive and simple to use as possible.

Graphical User Interface concept screen layouts were created to explore features such as colour, iconography and graphic imagery. These GUI concepts were used to evaluate the look and feel of the app design.

the results

We developed this app to a working prototype by training the AI model with thousands of photos to recognise common recycling symbols and then geo-locate to provide the nearest suitable recycling point.

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