Apple watch dock

Clean aesthetics and simplicity of design


  • Design engineering
  • Ergonomic design
  • Aesthetic refinement


  • consumer

Native Union, a global manufacturer of phone accessories, are passionate about clean aesthetics and simplicity.

the challenge

The vision for a new Apple watch dock was a simple cylinder intersecting with a cube. OPD had to find a way to achieve this.


Using graphite silicone and aircraft-grade aluminium in the cube and magnets in the cylinder OPD designed a product with not only a pure aesthetic, but a quality feel and intuitive experience.

The square and rectangle design can sit upright or on its side and teh watch position be adjusted accordingly.

It was designed with an iconic aesthetic to match Apple's design philosophy.

the results

The unit can be taken apart and a standard watch charger be placed inside the design. Magnets provide intuitive assembly and a damped mechanism provides an exquisite, high end feel to the adjustment.

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