Bakpro muscle tension aide

Releasing and relieving muscle tension and pain


  • Design engineering
  • Simulation and analysis
  • Ergonomic design
  • Aesthetic refinement
  • Manufacturing support


  • medical

We worked with a Harley Street chiropractor to help them design a new range of products designed to relieve the type of back pain typically associated with poor posture and modern life.

the challenge

Back pain can be eased by applying force to specific pressure points on the body and Bakpro wanted to develop three separate concepts to support this. These home exercise tools needed to be designed to release and relieve tension and pain in peoples muscles, by aiding with stretching and re-balancing their posture.


An S shaped product that could be placed over your shoulder and self-exert a high force to pressure points in the shoulder and back and neck that you cannot usually reach was initially developed. It needed to be designed to take high loads, easy to grip but also be able to split in half to minimize packaging costs. Using the aesthetic of the spine meant that we could create a stronger and stiffer component using less material.

Other variants include a ball that works on specific areas requiring a different kind of pressure including hips, buttocks, pelvis and even the feet. It is designed to be comfortable to grip for arthritic hands.

the results

OPD completed the industrial design and engineering of the tool set. Numerous prototypes were made to evaluate the ergonomics and functionality of the designs. Ergonomics were critical to ensuring that the tools can be easily gripped and positioned in the correct way.It was also key to make sure that people with arthritis can grip and use the tools effectively.

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