Bespoke yacht furniture

Specialist furniture for a super yacht


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  • 3D modelling
  • Aesthetic models


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Madson Black are designers of bespoke lighting, furniture, architectural metalwork and chandelier restoration.

the challenge

Madson Black were commissioned to manufacture specialist deck furniture for the 67 metre super yacht 11-11 being fitted out by Benetti in Italy.


OPD worked with Madson Black on the design and build of the deck tables. High quality visualisations were produced to show the designs in place in the yacht decking to allow for evaluation of the concept styling.

the results

A series of tables made from polished stainless steel with 30 mm thick toughened glass panels and a quartz centre panel, backlit with an LED panel were manufactured, together with bespoke planters to complete a suite of luxury outdoor furniture made to the highest possible specification.

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