Extending into a flagship product tier

High performance head protection range


  • Design engineering
  • Aesthetic refinement
  • 3D modelling
  • Concept generation


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When longstanding client JSP needed a new flagship helmet range designed, naturally they turned to OPD.

Our extensive experience and expertise in meeting stringent EN safety standards was honed through designing many PPE products, including JSP's extremely successful EVO LIGHT and EVO VISTA helmet ranges.

the challenge

Although JSP had a strong reputation for its lower-priced builders' helmets, it was missing a product range that would compete with brands with a heritage in high-end mountaineering helmets.

A flagship product range, meeting all the required safety standards was needed; both to fill a gap in the product portfolio and to build the JSP brand.

Deep expertise - from start to finish.

Creating a new aesthetic that was suitable for a flagship range - and set the tone for the rest of the product portfolio - was key to the success of this project.

The new design works within a tight dimensional envelope, incorporating all the features required for the different versions, and is positively differentiated from the competition.

A key challenge when designing products that require certification is that the tests need to be conducted on injection moulded products, manufactured using production tooling.

Our experience working on PPE and our deep understanding of the specifications and performance needed to obtain the certifications meant we got it right first time.

OPD completed all of the industrial design for this complex project, plus the mechanical engineering, and ultimately delivered the CAD files from which the production tools were cut.

the results
Portfolio hero

The mountaineering-style helmet features a specialised shell structure and internal liner to increase durability and shock absorption performance. Precise adjustment settings enable a secure fit, ensuring the helmet remains stable.

Engineered to maximise compatibility and accessory integration, EVO ALTA is an adaptive system with built-in attachment points, an interchangeable front module, and a selection of 4-point chinstraps for use in a wide range of applications.

The range consists of three variants. The Skyworker which is is certified to EN 12492, the mountaineering helmet standard. The Baseworker which is certified to EN 397, the industrial safety helmet standard. Finally, the DUALSWITCH which features the unique JSP DualSwitch harness system, certified to EN 12492 and EN 397.

The successful design of the new EVO ALTA range allows JSP to compete in the higher pricepoint / margin segment of the safety helmet market where it wasn't present previously. Further, it serves as a flagship, with a halo effect on the rest of the product portfolio.

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