Ophthalmic handheld slit lamp

Illuminating a detailed view of the human eye


  • Design engineering
  • Ergonomic design
  • Aesthetic refinement
  • User experience (UX) analysis


  • medical

The Keeler PSL slit lamp is an instrument that facilitates an examination of the anterior segment and posterior segment of the eye. The slit lamp allows for a magnified, detailed view of the eye’s structure and inspects how the eye responds to different stimuli. This enables diagnoses to be made for a variety of conditions.

the challenge

The industrial design of the product was required to be stylish and robust with a high perceived value. It needed to be an easy to use design with excellent performance.


Block models were used to fully understand the form and determine the ergonomics.

The slit lamp is often used “in the field” and so, the design needed to be battery powered, quick to use and durable. The overall form factor and docking station were designed to meet these physical requirements as effectively as possible.

A die cast chassis was used to provide optimum optical stability and better thermal management for the light source.

the results

The user interface of the PSL Slit lamp was designed to be as intuitive as possible with optimised ergonomics.

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