Premium document shredders

Premium aesthetic and value-added features for Leitz shredder range


  • Ergonomic design
  • Aesthetic refinement
  • Aesthetic models
  • Accessibility design
  • User experience (UX) analysis


  • consumer


Design Effectiveness Award

The shredder range from ACCO's brands Leitz and Rexel were to be re-designed to make them more stylish, desirable while creating production cost savings.

the challenge

The Leitz and Rexel ranges of shredders were re-designed to make them more desirable and stylish.

The leitz protect is a personal document shredder designed to appeal in the highly-competitive entry level home shredder market by offering a number of value-added features and a premium aesthetic.

the results

Aesthetics, usability and quality were key to preserving the Leitz premium brand integrity at this low price point. Pull out bins, a unique feature at this level, provide an improved user experience by reducing mess and are easier to use than traditional lift-off head models.

The designs were styled to sit within the leitz brand language of the more expensive Transform range while being distinctly different. The head top surface is concave to reflect the shape of more premium Leitz shredders within this simpler form factor.

A simple white and grey colourway gives a clean look in keeping with the Leitz brand and suitable for any home, while the striking form and colour breaks were specifically designed to stand out on small catalogue pages and online retail platforms where sales in this segment dominate.

This transformative design of a product range led to considerable sales growth and a reduction in overall production costs.

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