Lunchbox design

Reimagining packed lunches


  • Design engineering
  • Simulation and analysis
  • Manufacturing support


  • consumer

Prepd Pack is a revolutionary new take on the humble lunchbox, a modern stylish main case that contains a series of modular containers and smart magnetic cutlery.

It was designed with a supporting app to track your food’s nutritional value, making the process easier and less wasteful.

the challenge

Prepd wanted the sealing mechanism in their new modular containers to be visually minimal while retaining a premium feel.

Custom sealing solution

OPD evaluated a wide range of existing container sealing solutions and performed FEA analysis of seal compression to optimise insertion force and sealing profile.

the results
Design optimisation

OPD optimised the design for manufacture whilst maintaining the original design intent.

The cover design is a combination of a silicone layer with integral magnetic catches laminated to bamboo slats and sheet.

An incorporated elastic strap holds the eating utensils in place and acts as a tab to aid the opening of the lunchbox.

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