EasyAssist wins energy innovation award for customer focus


At OPD, we have a simple mission: to make things better by making better things.

For that reason, we are especially honoured to have been announced as winners of the Energy Innovation Award 2022 for Customer Focus. This award "celebrates organisations that have committed to developing innovations that improve customers’ lives, and that have the customer at heart."

OPD at the awards
Our Team at the Energy Innovation awards

We won this award for EasyAssist - a unique solution designed in partnership with Cadent, specifically for higher risk gas customers. Several million people in the UK have physical disabilities or restricted mobility, and many more are unsure how to turn off the main gas supply to their home in an emergency. But in an uncontrolled gas situation, every second counts. Precious time can be wasted when customers don’t know how to disconnect their gas supply, or when they lack the strength or ability to do so.

Put simply, EasyAssist is a large, red ‘stop’ button designed to make gas safety simpler, offering security and peace of mind to vulnerable customers and those that care for them. Quick and easy to install by a qualified engineer, as soon as the button is pressed, or if it detects dangerous temperatures, it will automatically disconnect a domestic gas supply.

We would like to extend a big thank you to the EIC, and to the whole team at Cadent for their partnership. It has been our pleasure to take the design from a sketched concept all the way through to a fully engineered product, and we look forward to seeing the product hit the market and begin to make an impact.

We are also very proud to share that the EasyAssist project was a finalist at the Utility Week Live Awards - a massive achievement, as these awards represent the gold standard across all UK utilities.


To learn more about the product, please visit the EasyAssist website, or get in touch. We look forward to speaking with you.

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