#Switchupyourlunch - Eat to beat climate change


Sustainable living is all about making lots of small changes that add up to create a lasting impact.

So we’re really pleased to be participating in the Switch Up Your Lunch ‘veg pledge’ taking place from Monday 8th June, to contribute to the reduction of meat and dairy consumption, toward a sustainable future.

The campaign - organised by Oxfordshire Greentech, Good Food Oxford, Oxfordshire County Council, the Women in Sustainability Network and the Low Carbon Hub - encourages organisations across the country to ‘eat to beat climate change’ by eating a veggie or vegan lunch on the 8th June.

Our MD, Rupert’s new year’s resolution was to eat veggie lunches throughout the working week, and he keenly shared the initiative with the whole team. He spoke to Hannah at Oxford Greentech about why we’re participating in #SwitchUpYourLunch.

Find out more and read the interview with Rupert here.

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