OPD joins the Design Business Association


We're proud to share that OPD is now officially a member of the design industry's trade association, the DBA (Design Business Association).

There are plenty of trade bodies out there, but for us, the DBA stands head and shoulders above the rest. And that's because of their ethos around effective design — in short, they champion the idea that an investment in design represents an investment in a business's future.

The DBA offers an array of really valuable training and support for both founders and employees, as well as a growing library of resources such as their 'What Clients Think' report which shares viewpoints on a scale that we simply couldn't access on our own. There is much to digest and we're certain that this information will help us to further improve our services and refine our processes for the benefit of every one of our clients.

But it was the DBA's Design Effectiveness Awards that first caught our attention. These awards are unlike any other in that they are judged based on the measured and evidenced impact of a design — the only metric that matters if you ask us. Entries to the awards are jointly submitted by the design consultancy and the client, because the DBA believes — as we do — that the only way to create effective design solutions is in collaboration with the client.

The awards are judged by business leaders and are evidence-based, with the impact of the project measured and verified. A win represents independent and authoritative recognition of the true value of a company’s work, and its ability to create competitive advantage through design.

"This approach resonates massively with our ethos at OPD," explains our Founder and Managing Director, Rupert. "We're all about creating work that has a lasting impact on the world, on the user — and on our client’s bottom line. I already have my eye on a few projects that will be ripe to submit next year."

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